BP- Result of a Brain Tumor?
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Q:  BP-Result of a Brain Tumor?

Hi Dr. Phelps

Do you ever see anyone that has BP as a result of like say a brain tumor?

My eye pupils are very different sizes and always have been. I notice pain over my right forhead-temple region when I rub there.

I can't stop this doubt thing about the BP or what's going on.

My moods change sometimes day to day. I can be down one day and then up the next. I get a preview the night before. I either pick-up in energy and ambition or feel tired and weepy, then I know what the next day will be like.

I'm sure this is something and not normal. I get such an attitude change with this too.

So is it unusal for a BPer to have such changing moods and what about a brain tumor?


Dear Jen -- 
Ask your doctor if you have symptoms that might suggest the need for a brain scan.  Once in a while I'll do one, and some doc's think it should be done pretty routinely for people with hard to explain symptoms of a mood/thought nature.  On the other hand if we did that for every person with complex depression we'd overspend our national healthcare budget even worse than we already are, so it has to be a judgement call by your doctor. 

Dr. Phelps

 PS, sorry to keep sounding like I'm obsessing. I'm trying to get myself going to see a new docter.

Published December, 2001


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