Dissociative Identity Disorder & BP
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Q:  Dissociative Identity Disorder 

i recently got out of the hospital where the doctor said i also have d.i.d.  (dissociative idenity disorder) could you explain exactly how this disorder works. i have been bi polar for 15 yrs.

i have been abused and i am married to an alcoholic, controlling & aggressive spouse. i am in treatment but i can also feel a proctective idenity emerge when i am abused by my husband. the protector we'll call it. nobody is treated the way i treat him when i am abused mentally or emotionally by him. please say they see the change but only when he is around. please help, there is little info on this disorder.


Dear Marlene -- 
Bipolar disorder and DID seem to be related somehow; I've had quite a few patients who started with the DID part then seemed to have a "bipolar-like" part as well.  The treatments for bipolar disorder generally seem to help, at least some, with the DID.  You've probably already learned to be cautious about taking antidepressants, which are often prescribed for folks with DID because they are used in "post-traumatic stress disorder" (PTSD) frequently, and help quite a few folks; but can make bipolar disorder have more rapid cycling and mixtures of up and down symptoms.  

Where to learn about DID?  Here's a fine site to start.  I hope you can find a local therapist who can help you, including helping work to make your marriage a safe circumstance. 

Dr. Phelps

Published December, 2001


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