Seroquel- Insomnia & Alcohol Desire
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Q:  Seroquel- Insomnia & Alcohol Desire

I have been diagnosed with Bipolar II, PTSD and Borderline Personality. I take Trilepta with excellent results (far better than Depakote ever was) and Buspar. I was recently given Seroquel 25mg for sleep. I am guaranteed sleep any night I take it with no tiredness the next day and NO other side effects at all. It's been amazing. No other medication worked so well on my insomnia! Will this effect wear off? How long can I expect it to act as a sleeping pill? I don't want to get "used" to it. Seroquel has also completely eliminated my desire for alcohol which was only a small problem before but now its completely gone! How can that happen with an antipsychotic? I am very pleased.

Dear Kaitlen - 

Wow, cool!  Great to hear a result like this.  I've not seen this happen so can't tell you what will happen, except that generally antipsychotics do not seem to "wear off" in their benefits, so I'd be fairly hopeful this will stick.  Maybe even think about tapering the Buspar very slowly later, although I couldn't say for sure it isn't somehow potentiating Seroquel to get this result.  Great.  Try this essay about BPII "versus" Borderline, for your interest (now that you might not need it!).  



Published November, 2001

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