Major Cycle in Nov-Afraid Again
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Q:  Major Cycle in Nov-Afraid Again

Dr. Phelps:

I have psoriatic arthritis, hypothyroidism, and am bipolar. I am on

Methotrexate    20 MG   
Celebrex    200 MG
Levoxyl            150 MCG   
Depakote    2,000 MG
Effexor            37.5 MG.

I just went through a sleep study and my pdoc is looking at putting me on another anticonvulsive because my legs spasm in the night and wake me up. I am frustrated. I just read your article on BP and the thyroid. I have two major cycles a year in November and May with November being far more severe than May. We controlled May with Geodon. We have used topamax, wellbutrin, and provigil for the mild cycles in between. I am told that this is a moving target that is hard to hit. I am going on 3 years of playing with medication and am tired and scared with this being November. I must admit that the low effexor and high depakote seem to be working right now; However, my peak is usually the last week of Nov and again I am afraid. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on articles I could read or take to my next Pdoc visit.

Thank you

Dear Doug -- 
I think you've got most of my thinking from reading the thyroid stuff.  I'm still pretty excited about that.  The UCLA bipolar/thyroid researcher I asked confirmed that this is "new news" and recommended I publish it (submitted last week).  I've seen one more astounding turn-around since last website revision.  So, you can tell I'd think seriously about that approach.  Beyond that, you've probably read the rest of my site on BPII and so have seen most of my other thoughts for you at this point.  Good luck to you. 

Dr. Phelps

Published November, 2001


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