BP Girlfriend & Her Future
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Q:  BP Girlfriend & Her Future

hello,  i just have a few questions...my girlfriend has bi-polar..she doesnt have to where it affects her everyday life, except for the fact that she has to take medicine everyday..but you wouldnt know she has it unless she told you...its not that bad...i just feel that something is going to happen one day and im not going to know what to do...so what i want to know is can you die from it? is there any kind of cure? do i have anything serious to worry about years down the road? the only reason i am asking a doctor about this is because she rarely talks about it and i just worry sometimes cause i really know nothing about bi-polar...i would really appreciate your answers and comments...thank you for your time out of your schedule to do this...

Dear David 
Try reading more about bipolar disorder on
this site, if she's never had a full "manic episode" as far as you know; or on this site, if she has.  

Can you die from it? yes, people commit suicide when it's really severe.  

Is there a cure?  not yet, but taking the medications can prevent the symptoms from showing up, as you've seen. 

Worry, down the road? Yes, you could get hit by an automobile.  Sorry, that's only partly in jest: everybody has something to worry about, or could if they chose.  You are at risk too: cancer can happen at any age, blah blah.  We play the cards we're dealt, yes?  

You're welcome.  The more people understand about this illness the better off  a whole lot of people will be.  

Dr. Phelps

Published November, 2001


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