Asked About Son Being on Prozac
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Q:  Asked About Son Being on Prozac

Dr. Phelps, my son was tested for ADHD, he is 12.  In the MMPII testing it showed a manic (t-score) 92.  The testing dr. thought this was high and that it could be the onset of bipolar.  Said to be careful administering meds.  He has been on prozac for over a year and they just started him on Wellbutrin.  The dr. prescribing meds didn't feel the score was high enough to be alarmed.  I have many family members with mental illness. (Mother was hospitalized 3 times when I was a child) and my husbands family has alot of alcoholism.  I informed the dr. of this.  I could go on forever about some of the actions that have happened.  I'll give you just one.  He wanted to go to a friends after school.  I said no.  We refused to put on his seatbelt.  I put it on him.  He got angry and tried to jump out of the car, i grabbed him and held onto him, he kept punching my arm to let go.  I finally got the car stopped, he stopped.  I don't know what to do or who to listen to.  I read "The Bipolar Child" and i could really see my son in alot of it.  I questioned the pdoc about him being on prozac and it causing some of the manic episodes, she said, "Please tell me you didn't read that book about the Bipolar child."  I don't know what to do next.  any suggestions?


Dear Ms. C' -- 
Hmm, you obviously didn't like her telling you that; it doesn't sound good, in this context.  Maybe a second, or even a third opinion?  Read some more of the literature on
bipolar kids?  As you're learning, there's great debate and no consensus on how to make this diagnosis.  Here's a striking table of data (read past the first couple of paragraphs) from one of the researchers on this topic -- it rather supports your story, I think.  What would the doc' say about this?  

Dr. Phelps

Published November, 2001


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