Comparison of BP & Cycloid?
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Q:  Comparison of BP & Cycloid?

My psychiatrist keeps changing my diagnosis.  So far, he's considered bipolar disorder (which I accept), then borderline personality disorder (I ran the DSM IV criteria past friends, colleagues & relatives & told my psychiatrist I couldn't find anyone who thought I fitted the description)reactive depression (which doesn't seem to account for the mania) & now cycloid psychosis.  I'm struggling to find out what the difference is.  Both bipolar and cycloid seem to be about cyclical depression/mania & psychosis.  Can you point me in the direction of any comparison between bipolar and cycloid diagnoses?


Dear Ms. P' -- 
I hope might have found my little essay on
BPII vs. Borderline PD, or will find it useful if you haven't read it yet.  It might be on target.  "Cycloid" is either a term used outside the US somewhere(see addendum below), or a jargon term that's not really a diagnosis in the official terminology of at least US psychiatrists -- so I don't think you'll find the comparison you're looking for.  More details on the diagnosis and subtleties can be found in the diagnosis and diagnosis details sections of my website on BPII.  

Dr. Phelps

Addendum: a grad student studying these name-games for an exam kindly wrote to direct me further on "cycloid" -- it's in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) terminology not routinely used in the U.S.  Here's a link for anyone who runs into this issue on cycloid states.  I think you'll find it illustrates nicely the mess of terms out there.  The bottom line is that the essay to which I referred the Ms. P' does indeed apply.  However, it's nice to have folks out there keeping me on my toes!

JP 2/8/2001

Published November, 2001

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