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Q:  What Would Help Me?

Hi Dr. Phelps... I am an individual whom has tried finding what is wrong with me for quite some time now .. I've gone to my family doctor about it, and he's tried putting me on a medication, but it didn't end up working..

My problem is, i'm often depressed.. i get very upset over the smallest of things, even jokes given from other people i end up taking too seriously some times.. I just don't know what to do anymore, I get huge mood swings,.. and i feel i am sometimes paranoid, like nobody likes me, or that people are talking about me behind my back.. I can be in a good mood and then if someone says the slightest thing , i could be set off.. Sometimes i am happy, and i can get along with people.. but i find that it is much harder for me to stay in a good mood than i see other peopole can... I have a bad history, from the age of 10-18 i was physically and mentally abused , immensely, by my step father.. (my mom divorced him when i was 18) i'm 21 now.. and I feel i shouldn't be this way...

is there anything you could possibly recommend for me? or what yo uthink could be the problem? I have gotten stomach ulcers before (i at least believe they aer ulcers.. i've spent nights up puking acids in the bahtroom) it hasn't happened in the near past, which is good..

I also get this huge feeling of dread often, of anxiety.. of this large feeling of something bad happening, and it puts me in an awkward mood often..

If you could help me at all, i'd be greatly appreciative..

thank you for your time,


Dear Ryan -- 
Sorry to hear that story.  There are three main routes to consider, from what you've written: medications, psychotherapy, and stuff you can do for yourself.  Have a look at my site about
moods swings without mania and review that with your doc'.  Consider finding a good local therapist if you can work with somebody for a while ($, time, staying in one community long enough are limiting factors).  And look at regular exercise, if that's not part of your routine: there is solid evidence that it is as effective as antidepressants in some folks.  

Dr. Phelps

Published September, 2001


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