Could I Have Alzheimer's
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Q:  Could I Have Alzheimer's

Dear Dr. Phelps, Good Morning! I have a question that has been on my mind all night. It has nothing to do with bipolar, but I pray you may have the answer or bbe able to direct me in the right direction.When I was 1 month old I had open heart surgery, and when I was 19 I suffered from a stroke, Dr.'s said that on my CT scan they saw a scar from a previous stroke which could have happened when I had the open-heart surgery. I have never been on any drugs except what has been precribed to me. I am now 24 years-old trying to function in todays world without much luck.I am a medical assistant, done with school, and out on an internship. I have already been removed from the first internship site I was on because of forgetfulness. My question to you is could I possibly have Alzheimer's? I have most of the symptoms...initial mild forgetfullness(although it is not so mild anymore), problems speaking & finding the right words, behavioral and personality changes, anxious aimless behavior, have problems with people contradicting me.

The only way I got through school was by making flash cards (to study with).Please help!!! Here are the medications I am on- Coumadin & dilantin.

Dear Lynn -- 
I'm sorry to say this is far enough from my usual experience in psychiatry that I don't see right off a way to help. Is there a neurology "ask-a-doc" out there?

Dr. Phelps  

Published September, 2001


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