Manic Episode Every 10-15 Years
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Q:  Manic Episode Every 10-15 Years

dr.: looks like my full-blown mega manic episode which lasted 6 mos. is over. from info on your site looks like i am a bi-polar VI - mania ca. each 10-15 yrs. with no depression.  scored a 2 on mantal health net mania questionnaire. i feel fine and don't think i need med and finding a specialist in my area just causes stress that started this whole thing.  should i let well enough alone and just monitor myself for recurring symptoms, e.g. increased sex drive, needing little sleep, etc... you know the rest.

Dear Robert -- 
As far as I know, there is no working "recommendation" for your circumstance.  If a fair amount of damage occurs during your rare episodes, perhaps some preventive program needs to be "poised for launch" and triggered by the earliest possible signal: i.e. a set of friends/family/co-workers who know what to look for and who to call, a program that is in place from there, including an "Advance Directive" from you if you're not likely to heed the plan by then, etc.   This "safety net" is what I try to assemble for my patients with more frequent episodes.  What should you do?  More a matter of common sense than science at this point; i.e. setting up what makes sense to you, now that it's over. 

Dr. Phelps

Published August, 2001


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