Q:  Trileptal-Manic Espisodes-Appetite Control

My bipolar sister was effectively stabilized on Zyprexa (also taking lamectil) following a recent hospitalization but gained 30 pounds. As she was 40 lbs. overweight to begin with, she asked to be taken off the Zyprexa and has now been prescribed Trileptal. She doesn't use a computer and is pretty isolated. We would really like to know how much relief from manic episodes she might reasonably expect from Trileptal, also if you're aware of anything other than Topomax (which she doesn't tolerate well) that might curb appetite and help with the weight-promoting effect of Zyprexa. If she could get some pharmacological help, she's go back on Zyprexa. But her appetite was impossible to control, which it usually isn't, and she got frightened.  Now she's really frightened because she's manic again, and it's worse than ever. She's 55.

Dear Ms. B'
Trileptal is probably just what I would do in this circumstance; I'm glad to hear her doctor thinks likewise.  Take a look at some recent evidence on thyroid hormone too.  

Dr. Phelps  

Published August, 2001