Q:  Spasms in Arm Haven't Stopped

Dear Dr. Phelps,

My psychitrist added 15mg Zyprexa to my med regime because of a manic episode with hallucinations. Within 2 weeks I developed painful spasms in my arm and hand tremors. He stopped the zyprexa and started cogentin 2mg bid. While my tremors have stopped the spasms have not and I am very frightened they may be permanent. The only med I ever reacted to in a similar way was haldol. My psych says I will get better (but I know he doesn't want me to worry). So I was wondering in your experience how long it took your patients to recover and did any have permanent problems? Thank you- judy

Dear Judy -- I haven't had that experience with Zyprexa so cannot help much in this situation.  I hope it does indeed get better. 

Dr. Phelps  

Published August, 2001