Thank You Dr. Phelps

This isn't a question...just a thank you note.  

I'm the one who asked the question about surgery and cycling.  Your answer was comforting to me.  Though my p-doc made the same recommendations you did, my surgeon just didn't get it.  I did run into some post-op problems with meds due to interactions between the meds I take daily for bipolar disorder and allergies and the narcotics and antibiotics I was prescribed postoperatively.  Fortunately, the med situation is now pretty much under control.  I just wish that someone made an extended release Tylenol so that I wouldn't wake up at 3 hurting and could sleep through the night.  I'm cycling a bit because of the disruption of my sleep, but I'm not really surprised about that.  I wish that surgeons were better educated about how to deal with patients with mental health issues.  While I was in the recovery room, I heard the nurse mention several times to someone that she had given me something for my "severe anxiety disorder".  Her comments hurt me a bit because I don't have an anxiety disorder -- just bipolar II.  I consider myself very healthy mentally because I do take care of myself and realize what I need to do to "be normal".  

Thanks again for responding to my questions.  You provide a great service.

Published August, 2001