Q:  Wants Daughter, age 16, to Stop Zoloft

Ny child ,daughter age 16 has been dx with depression....she is in therapy with a CSW. The CSW recommended she start on anti-depressant med. I called my doc who prescribed 50 mg/day.She has been on med for 6 weeks now

Since she has started on med...at first,she seem to be doing well. This was the first 2-3 weeks. NOW...she is just  the opposite ..... she is now  very angery. She also tells me she feels very shakey and can not concertrate.

I am now researching finding a MD pshyc ....she is in need of more help.

I want to have her stop the Zoloft...how do we go about doing that?

I know it has to be done slowly....From my understanding anti-depressants and bi-polar....these 2 do not work well together with out other meds.....

My "mother's instinct" is telling me she could be bi-polar

Please reply

Dear Ronnie -- 
Talk to the doc' about this.  If you think she/he won't listen to your "mother's instinct", try taking my letter ("Dear Doctor") from my website.  And/or take a completed "Mood Disorder Questionnaire".  Read about the "controversy" of using antidepressants in bipolar disorder (maybe take that page in with you).  And good luck, and keep intuiting. 

Dr. Phelps

Published June, 2001