Q:  Finding Out if It's a Mood Disorder

I read the symptoms about Cyclothymia, and everything it said, with the mood swings, the supper energetic to sad deppressed or shot with people or mean.. It all relates to me... the lack of energy to do stuff with people always wanting to get out of it so I say I'm to tiered... I don't understand why this happend to me? Why can't I ever be happy anymore or stay happy... If I am diagnosed with this dipolar disorder it answers so many questions, but I'm to scared to talk to my parents about it... is there any way I can find out if I have this with out them knowing? Thanks Annie


Dear Annie -- 
[this letter was revised in July of 2008 at the request of the rights holder for the Mood Disorders Questionnaire, which was copyrighted in 2007]

You can try taking a bipolar questionnaire as a start.  [Here’s a link to a current screening tool] .  Find somebody in your family you can trust to listen and not judge you, and tell them what 's up, as soon as you feel you can; maybe she/he can help your parents listen too, if you think they might not respond well to you telling them directly.  There's lots of help out there (for some non-medication approaches, if the idea of medications would scare you or them, try reading the section of my website on that topic, under "treatment details" in the BPII section). 

Dr. Phelps

Update published July, 2008