Q:  Recognizing Signs of BP in Early Childhood

my daughter was diagnosed as being bipolar at the age of 17---tho now when my husband and i look back, we now recognize that she's had this disorder long before it was made clear that she has this. she went into a major depression, and then eventually she had a manic episode. she's been diagnosed with bipolar2.

my question is, is it possible to recognize signs in early childhood--even in infants since my daughter stopped napping at 5 months, but was always active, intense, and obsessive.

thank you in advance if you can help me understand more.



Hi Robin-- 
Try www.bpkids.org if you haven't been there yet.  The issue of how to diagnose in adolescents, let alone kids, let alone infants, is very controversial  -- crucial, but very tricky, as some of what you can find on their site will show.   See also http://www.bipolarchild.com and their section on lots of useful books for parents. 

Dr. Phelps

dr. phelps i just wrote you with a question, but i did not mention that she also would cut herself, cut off half of her hair, use scissors or thumb tacks when in depression. she is currently on celexa and tegratol, but, tho it allows her to work, she is unable to concentrate at college. after 2 years of her getting no where, she is now at home with her dad and me, and she sees a psychiatrist who specializes in medication, and she also sees a phsycologist.  i hope you got my other question since this may not make sense!     sincerely,


Published June, 2001