Q:  What Brain Area Involved in Physical Cause of BP?

My question is specific. What part or parts of the brain are involved in the physical cause of bp? I ask this because I am trying to understand exactly what is going on in real terms. I have had experiences all my life that may or may not be directly related to being affected by bp and wanted to understand better if these experiences are the product of a malfunctioning brain or something else.

Thank you,

Dear Richard -- 
I'm delighted to hear from someone with this question.  I've tried to put together some material that addresses it on my website under "brain tours", where there is a section on mood; and some data on the intracellular basis of depression; and a section on the "what's the latest on the understanding of bipolar disorder?" .  Unfortunately none of these is going to really answer your question; when that answer emerges, as I hope it will while I'm alive, it may well win a Nobel prize and will be one of the most sought-after answers in the history of health science.  I'll keep posting advances in these sections of my site, as I learn about them. 

Dr. Phelps

Published June, 2001