Is my wife manic?

My wife has bipolar disorder. Diagnosed 4 years ago. On lithium,
however I doubt she takes it. Recently left me and my children. She has lost
a great deal of weight recently and tells me it's because she was nervous
leading up to her descion to leave me and the kids.Is it possible to lose 25
pounds while still taking lithium? Won't let me talk to her Dr. Says it's
none of my business. I just want to point out her patterns of behavior,
spending sprees, taking up with a guy 12 years younger, leaving the children
and me.

Is there anything that I can do? Does this sound manic?

Dear Ed -- 
Yes, someone could lose that weight while on lithium -- but you're right, it's a lot and that's a little unusual.  As regards "does this sound manic", the "spending sprees" is a typical symptom.  Try scoring this questionnaire as though you were her.  You can write the doc' to explain your concern about her behavior being potentially manic (keep it on one page).  Try this summary from Ms. S., the webmaster of this site, as well.  

Dr. Phelps

Published May, 2001