Q:  Teenager Questions "Shrinks"

why are shrinks so ignorant when it comes to the treatment of teenagers with bipolar disorder??? especially a male dr. treating a teenage girl???

Dear Gracie -- 
Perhaps because teenage girls have an extremely wise and broad view of the world that enables them to see through the mere devices of people who couldn't make it as surgeons?  Or, somewhat less sarcastically, maybe adults generally look ignorant to teenage girls?  Or, not sarcastically, maybe this particular doc' is having trouble getting it.  You're obviously frustrated with this guy.  Sometimes that's a very bad sign, and you'd need to make clear your frustration and see if he can respond; or look for another provider.  And sometimes it's just what ! happens in treatment; like perhaps there's a message he's putting out that you don't want to hear.  I wouldn't know from here, of course.  

Dr. Phelps

Published May, 2001