Q:  Mood Stabilizer Options

I have been on all three mood stablizers two of which I could not take because of side affect issues that could not be tolerated. Only one I have been able to use is carbamazepine. The problem with this one is I am on such a high dose of 1400 mg a day and my blood level is only 7.0 and it keeps droping so we keep haveing to raise the amount. Is there another mood stablizer in the same class as carbamazepine? Or even another mood stablizer we can try?


Dear Melinda -- 

The full list of options is on my site. And links to some more.  Not sure what to make of your level.  Some might push the dose until you hit a side effect, then back down just below that, perhaps watching your liver tests meanwhile. 

Dr. Phelps

Published April, 2001