Q:  Finding a Doctor Who Specializes in Bipolar Disorder

Hi, I have been looking on several websites about bipolar disorder.  It is regularly stated that a person should see a psychiatrist with experience working with bipolar patients.  Do you have any resources of lists or referrals to such?  I am in rural northern WI and although there are many psychiatrists available, i have no idea which ones have this area of expertise.  Please help me with this.  I have had a really bad experience with a "therapists" in the area.  she suposedly knew what she was doing.  I'm struggling with making so many calls to find out who has the expertise.

Dear Barb -- 

You may have trouble finding someone with "recognized" expertise, like being on the Harvard list; but you can ask "Do you use a lot of mood stabilizers?"  (assuming you can realistically ask about 1 question without becoming irritating, presuming everybody's busy and full and not in the mood to be interviewed for their competence).  Look for the one who answers with the most resounding yes...

Dr. Phelps

Published April, 2001