Where to find Energy on Meds
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Where to find Energy on Meds?

I couldn't find an answer in the archives hope i'm not wasting your time.

I was diagnosed 2 years ago with Bi-polar w/risdual ADHD.  i had been treat for ADHD in school and then again as an adult while we were fishing for 7 years trying to figure out why i kept ending up on the phsyc ward.  i think my meds are helping for the most part.  i went off them before xmas and went lunar.  i can't remember three weeks.  i am taking epival 1000mg, wellbutrin 150mg, serequel 50mg am 50 afternoon 200mg bed and 25mg nozinan.  i was just put on the serequel.  apparently when your manic you shouldn't joke about going postal.

my question is before this bout and now worse this time is my sleep.  if i'm clean and sober my dreams are three d surround sound.  i can get more than about an hour of sleep at a time.  if i smoke a pin joint before going bed i don't dream.  i am exhausted constantly.  by the time i work a full 8 hours i just want to sleep.  i force myself to stay awake for my family and go to bed at 9:30.  i sleep at least 16 hours on sat and sun.

any ideas to generate some energy.


Dear Jim -- 
The usual disclaimer: without knowing more detail than fits in this format, I can't tell you what to do.  Here are some ideas to discuss with your doctor, to "generate some energy".  

Sounds like you don't sleep at all well, and then are exhausted the next day.  Ok, first thing I do, e.g. if you were my patient, is look to see whether anything I'm giving you could mess up sleep.  Wellbutrin is such a candidate, even if you take the dose in the morning (I hope; if it's in the evening, you could talk to your doc' about moving it to the morning).  Remember, we always taper antidepressants slowly, so don't just stop taking it. 

Many of my patients come to me using marijuana as a mood stabilizer of sorts: it seems to help keep cycling somewhat controlled, and puts a mild damper on manic agitation.  Sounds like maybe so for you too.  So I would interpret that as an indication that you don't have enough mood stabilizer on board, and you're trying to make up the difference.  

Often doctors use seroquel and other antipsychotics as a "wet blanket" (other new antipsychotics like olanzapine and to a lesser extent risperidone have more specific antimanic or even mood stabilizing effects (that latter property is more associated with olanzapine)).  That can be necessary also when you don't have enough mood stabilizer on board.  So, if your symptoms are really more like manic agitation/energy/sleep problems than they are like psychosis as such, another "generate some energy" idea would be to try adding more mood stabilizers and see if that allows you to lower and maybe then stop the seroquel (most of my patients don't like antipsychotics as much as an effective mood stabilizer, generally; except for maybe low doses of those named above).  

Good luck with the energy. 

Dr. Phelps

Published March, 2001


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