Q:  Is it Bipolar? (Jai)

Dr. Phelps~

For a while now i've thought that there might be something wrong with my constant hyperactivity and moodswings into depression,but until i took this test on mania provided online i wasn't really sure.  Most of the symptoms i can relate to but i'm not really sure what i should do.  I mean, i'm a happy person and get depressed at a rate where i just expect it every now and then.  I have had thoughts of suicide many times ( not recently ) but have never really tried.  i am pretty sexually active though very discrete about it and to top it off i am convinced that i have problems when it comes to relationships.  I'm the type of person who always wants to get up and do stuff and also that person who talks so much they don't make any sense.  I'm also very creative and constantly having new ideas..and plans for the future. I want to know if there is any advise you can give me, besides seeing a psychiarist (I can't really afford that right now.)  Thanks for your time.  i hope this letter wasn't too general.

Dear Jai -- 
Try reading my site about Bipolar II for some ideas on treating without medications ("Treatment Details" section); and then I hope that might also stimulate some interest to get at least a trial of low-dose lithium, which is inexpensive and a primary care doctor might be willing to try it for you.  After that, if it doesn't go well, maybe a psychiatrist...

Dr. Phelps

Published March, 2001