Hello Colleen,

Could you please advise me on Topamax.

Does this have the same pain-relieving effect for Vulvodynia, as does

I took Dilantin after a Brain Aneurysm in Jan. 1985-1987 .

My Doctor Barbara Wilson has said she does not prescribe
Dilantin for her patients. The Neurontin caused me severe memory

I truly would appreciate your replay.

Sincerely, Frances 

Dear Frances -- 
That nice Colleen let me answer this one. (but you do it so much better than I do! - C)   

Neurontin has definite anti-pain effects, for several different kinds of pain.  We haven't used Topomax long enough to know whether it does too, but so far it doesn't look quite as impressive for that purpose. 

Neurontin commonly causes memory problems.  Seems to be dose-related in most folks.   But Topomax is probably worse for most folks, are there are many people who can work their way to high doses without too much such trouble.  

Dr. Phelps

Published March, 2001