Weight and bipolar: interaction?

Q:  i have gained alot of weight prior to diagnosis. my sister gained alot after medication but has now lost alot of her weight the doctor told her because her body now went back to what it should be is this normal once you get straightened out your metabolism kicks in and you lose the weight my doctor told me once the mental part is straightened out the weight will to

Dear Barb --
There is something very important about weight and bipolar-like symptoms.  Although this has not been "described" (medical lingo for "somebody else has recognized this pattern and written about it in some medical journal"), I'm sure there's some relationship.  Something  even more complicated than your doctor implied.  However, her/his summary could be quite correct -- and your sister is the example.  What can you do to help?  One thing for sure:  get regular physical activity within reasonable limits your body can tolerate.  Like, duh, you haven't heard that 100 times before -- but it's basically guaranteed not to make the problem worse, and could definitely speed the process along, so as much as you can try, do so.

Dr. Phelps

Published March, 2001