Will Topomax treat panic symptoms?

Q: Have you heard anything about Topomax being used for Panic Disorder? Icurrently take Prozac and am gaining weight one more ttime. Last year I switchedto Prozac from Paxil for the same reason. I heard that topomax does not causeweight gain and is typically used a mood stabilizer for bipolar. Any info wouldbe appreciated.

Dear Ms. or Mr. Panic
No research on this that I know of.  However, we do use Topomax solely forappetite suppression sometimes.  Will it have an impact on panic?  Itmight, or it might not, or it could make it worse (I have had a few folks havevery bad anxiety when taking it, but I've always thought that was because theywere responding to it like an antidepressant -- it does seem to have someantidepressant effects in some folks).  So, as far as I know the answer toyour question is still pretty much a guess.

Dr. Phelps

Published February, 2001