Getting help when he doesn't accept diagnosis - Leah's

Dear Leah -- 
Yours is about the fifth such question in a week, which I mention not to insult you at all but to point out how many people must be in your circumstance.  I'm sorry to hear about your situation, which must indeed feel desperate.  I wish I had something more to offer than general ideas and some examples of replies to others.  However, if his symptoms are "mood swings" rather than full "manic" episodes, you may have more reason to hope than some others as well.  When people have a full manic episode, they seem to "lose insight" even more than in Bipolar II.  

Do you think your husband would be willing to complete a 1 page questionnaire to "test" this bipolar idea?  Or, is there someone he really trusts (someone besides you and his mother) who could fill out the form about him and show it to him?  Have a look at the test and see what you think.  

 In the meantime, read three answers I've offered others who faced a like problem: in the archive, see

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Dr. Phelps

Published January, 2001