My Mother in Law (76 years old) was diagnosed to be bio-polar in 1993 she was put on lithum- she then became very depressed (she wanted to die) she took herself off the medication about a year later- was ok for a while to deaths last Jan. triggered he to one of these highs, again no for a year she is also a heavy drinker- she is mean and seems to be dangerous, She says she is not manic and hasn't been since 93 do you ever get over this ? like she says her husband will not do anything to stop her awful behavior what can be done by her adult sons to help her? Thank You

Dear Judy --
I've asked the Bipolar World folks (Colleen says she's going to take this one on personally) to put together an essay on this for the many, many people who face circumstances such as yours.  Look for that.  In the meantime, read three answers I've offered others who faced a like problem: in the archive, see

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Dr. Phelps

Published January, 2001