Unipolar until Celexa
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Unipolar until Celexa?

Q: I recently had a manic episode that nearly cost me my life.I was depressed really bad over a relationship that i couldnt get a handle on.I went for help at charter rivers in asheville nc. I started taking celexa for depression and started feeling better but 3 months of medication i went manic started hearing voices out of control with my thought process.The point im making is if not for the celexa i would have been fine isnt that correct? I have always been down since i was 15 when i stated dating.RELATIONSHIPS NEVER WORK its been a focus of mine and it turns into a control environment that i know is wrong.I am happy when i have sex on a continual basis the serotonin is working properly and things feel in line with each other.But it never lasts because of my mood swings.I cant keep living like this i,m afraid of the medications now , the lithium doesnt work it just makes me tired. Is it possible i am not bipolar maybe unipolar ive never been manic before?Always depressed low selfesteem.

Dear William --
Perhaps you "weren't fine", and that's why you took the Celexa?  and if there were a way to feel better than you usually do, without being manic, you'd probably take it, no?  You should keep researching your options: there are more and more these days (for a glimpse, though it's in doctor lingo -- just look at the size of it  -- try this site).  Lamotrigine comes to mind as an antidepressant/antimanic.  There are so many options, you don't have to settle for side effects and partial benefits -- as long as you're willing to do careful trials and put up with lots of starting things. changing things, and maybe lots of pills (but remember, the point is few or no side effects and full or near full remission of symptoms). 

At the same time, there may be some relationship issues that are separate from the bipolar part that a good therapist can help you with.  Here's a collection of tools for finding a therapist (or a bipolar specialist). Good luck.

Dr. Phelps

Published October, 2000

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