Hysterectomy and cycling
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Hysterectomy and cycling

Q: 1. Would a hysterectomy cause rapid monthly cycling? 2. Is there a longer-acting medication for a non-compliant patient?

Dear Betty --
I'm so glad you asked that.  I've never seen that (hysterectomy causing cycling) in print but over the last 2 years I'm getting more and more certain I've seen it.  Just today I saw a fellow who explained that after her hysterectomy his wife was "never the same", although she started taking Prozac around the same time too.  I think the two of those influences could actually both work to make someone really change and cycle.  Sorry I can't refer you to something which directly answers the question.  Until I write my "Hormones and Mood" section on my website, which is planned over the next several months, you can read a well-done book about that relationship generally: Women's Moods, by Sichel and Driscoll.

And as for longer acting med's: everything is at least daily except Prozac which can last for days, and even be taken once a week; and injectable antipsychotics of the old type most people dislike.  Darn.

Dr. Phelps

Published October, 2000

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