Sensitivity to sounds
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Sensitivity to sounds

Q: I have always been very sensitive to high pitched sounds and recently was afflicted by one that was very long in nature. Since then I have been in a closet of rage. Has there ever been any correlation between them and the changing of brain chemistry ? I have been dxd with BPII and am taking topamax, neurontin and serzone. I am not having a problem with depression, just rage since the incident. Where would I start researching this ? Do you know of any links ??

Hello Star
I have never seen this concept in print but I hear about it from patients.  Or, at least in their case, they explain that after a mixed manic phase (marked in this case usually by sleeping extremely poorly and being very irritable) has begun, they can become extremely sensitive to all sorts of sensory stimuli.  One woman said at these times she could feel the seams of her pant leg, and it would "drive her nuts".  Many people say that at these times they become very sensitive to being around people too, and will try hard to just be by themselves.  Everything is too loud, too bright, too intense -- especially the people part.  That sort of sounds like what you're talking about -- I think?   But other than the similarity of this to a "migraine" person's experience, I've never seen it written about -- sorry.

Dr. Phelps

Published October, 2000

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