Mixed States
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Mixed States/Left Brain

Q:  Dr. Phelps, on a site I visit some (not me) suffer from mixed states. Their discussions are often argumentative, but I try to take their questions at face value. One question, based upon some brain researchers' view that left brain activity would increase wellbeing, the question from the mixed state bipolar was, "what about those with mixed states?" I wonder if you might be able to explain in laymen's terms whether you have heard whether left brain activity would be helpful. (See Bragdon and Gamon, PhDs, "Building Left Brain Power" and research by Jack Petti-grew from the U. of Brisbane 'sticky switch' explanation for bipolar disorder. Thank you, Dr. Phelps.

Dear Ms. Lee
Good on ya’ for citing the literature when it comes to “debates” like this.  In my reading of what’s out there, the “left brain” hypothesis is still pretty shaky.  I’ve looked over Pettigrew’s site and although it’s intriguing, it doesn’t seem to hook into the rest of the literature.  Maybe someday we’ll see how it connects.  Until then, check out what’s looking a lot more solid: the bcl-2 connection re: how lithium and Depakote might act as stabilizer/protective agents (see my site, the bipolar II section, the “patient” version, Diagnosis Details section, heading “what’s the latest on why?”, update 8/2000.  Start from www.psycheducation.org). 
Dr. Phelps

Published September, 2000

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