Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Moods

Q:  Welcome Dr. Phelps! I was diagnosed Bipolar 1 in '95. Just received manuscript from Univ. of Washington in St. Louis about genome study. In this report, it writes about people on Depakote ( I take 750 mg. daily) seem to experience heightened chemical sensitivities also. I also suffer with multiple chemical sensitivies (diagnosed '93)..long before my dipolar diagnosis. I see an environmental physician soon for my pdoc verified yesterday that I indeed was acting manic even though blood level was WNL. Are you familiar with study on MCS and Bipolar disorder? Thanks.  Susan

Dear Susan
Haven’t seen that connection in my practice or the literature.  Trying a search on “multiple chemical sensitivities” yields many articles  (if you don’t know how to do that already, instructions for using the great literature search engine “Pub Med” are on my site: see  ).    Try entering that and see what you think: I see a lot of thinking suggesting mood and MCS are connected somehow, but nothing more specific than that.  Your manuscript probably goes farther than anything in print. 
Jim Phelps, M.D.

Published September, 2000


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