Electromagnetic waves and bipolar
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Electromagnetic waves and bipolar

Q: As we know the current rate of growth of mental disorders is on a rise. I would like to think it is related phobia's and the 'drug' culture. However, it is clear to me the technological advances we have made have increased the airwave transmissions, satelite broadcasts, ect... (we could list everything from cellphones to garage door openers) My question is this, are their any studies which have been or are being done that consider the possibility the electrical impulses in our brains (and I say this collectively to include you) are being affected by this. The medications used for epilepsy and BP are the same and like lithium and valproic acid contain metal alloys, and I have noticed I get substantial headaches when around high levels of transmissions or power lines. Leaving out the implication that the sexual revolution of the ninties is because of satelite broadcasts and us not having the convience of a Vchip in our heads... (yes I have a noticable sense of humor) and yes rambling... The question is is there a way to lessen the problems of manic depression by isolation from air wave interference. Not on a constant bases but maybe while sleeping, or to help sleep, as it's a major factor in the disorder. I'm running on and I hope you have understood the question... oddly curious and considering the research myself if it's not being done.

Dear Mike L.  --
You're right, no research on this as such.  One of my patients is trying very hard to help me see that solar electromagnetic flux is related, as well as seismic activity.  One of these days maybe we'll understand how these things fit in; I wouldn't be surprised if they do -- but right now, in the literature that I follow, I am not aware of anyone else drawing these connections. 

Dr. Phelps

Published December, 2000

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