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Q: Are there any vitamins(over the counter) that came help with bipolar?

Dear Michelle --
Fair question, although the motivation behind it worries me a bit (like, why start with looking for a particular approach?  why not look for what works the very best with the fewest side effects, regardless of whether it's a natural atom like lithium, or a prescription medication, or an herb, or a vitamin...?).  Answer: a) no; b) uh, let's define "help".

There's a lot of interest in omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish oil and flaxseed oil, though not a vitamin as such.  But does it "help"?  How would we know that?  First, we'd have to agree on what "help" looks like, and then how to judge whether something does or doesn't help.  I'll bet I'm losing you all ready.  I'll stop there.  The simpler answer is no. 

However, there is one vitamin mix that has some really exciting potential and is being researched right now.  A "randomized trial", testing against a placebo pill, started this past June; the researchers are still extremely excited about it.  As soon as I see even one person respond, with my own eyes in my own practice, I'll be writing about it on my website.  Until then, let's wait for some say-so more than a few excited people (there are just too many treatments that aroused a great deal of excitement until the randomized trials were done -- check out Neurontin, for example...).

Dr. Phelps

Published December, 2000

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