Complex symptoms and pregnant
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Complex symptoms and pregnant 

Q: I have been diagnosed with Bipolar1 mixed with rapid cycling since 1998, and have remembered hearing voices since I was 15. I have 2 children. 12 and 5. Both have it. My doctor says I have one of the most severe cases he has seen. He travels around teaching doctors how to treat patients with bipolar disorder. I am currently taking tegretol 1200 mg, neurontin 3600 mg, seroquel 200 mg, and prozac 60 mg. I have recently found out that I am 6 wks pregnant. Is there any possible safe way to have this baby? 

Dear Ms. C' -- If you weren't pregnant, and were asking what you might do as far as treatment from here, I would have to defer to people who know your history and your response to previous medications. Your pregnancy makes that even more necessary, I'm sorry to say: your circumstance could hardly be more complicated and some remark based on one paragraph of information would be foolish, on my part. I can't really even cite some general principles, except perhaps that managing a woman with bipolar disorder through pregnancy can be done, with great care, and having an expert such as you may have is a good thing. A good expert won't mind her/his patient asking for a second opinion if you have doubts about what your doc' is telling you. Dr. Phelps

Published December, 2000

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