Bipolar and migraines
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Bipolar and migraines

Q: Hello! I was diagnosed with bp 6 months ago (im 15 years old)i was just wondering if bp and migrains had anything in common...ive been getting really bad migrains lately, maybe its my meds or just the weather.Im currently takeing risperdal and depakote(i think i spelt those right) ive gained 60 lbs which i hate!!!! My mom said i get migrains because im overweight now. but if you can answer my question thank you very much! Kate

Dear Kate --
Yes, you're right, migraines and bipolar disorder do have something in common.  Only problem is, we don't know what!  We see them together very frequently.  Unfortunately, the Depakote is supposed to help block those (and is probably the cause of the weight gain).  Ask your doc' about switching to another mood stabilizer that doesn't cause weight gain (e.g switch to carbamazepine, or add a low dose of topiramate because that can block appetite).  For more information on these, see the treatment section of my website (the section about bipolar II).  If the weight gain leads to irregular periods and growing hair in places usually only men grow it, see also the section on that site about hormones. 

Dr. Phelps

Published December, 2000

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