Am I severely depressed
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Am I severely depressed?

Q: I wrote to you a while ago,.. I feel completely useless, the world, & my children would be so much better off without tme. I have NOTHING to offer them, I love them COMPLETELY, but i have nothing more than that to give. The world is a bad place. Eveyone is bad. I'm very sad. I am a smart person. but not. Is this "wrong thinking"? I think it is but isn't, I think I'm wrong but so right. I cant get an appt. Do you know anyone who cares or accepts United Health care Insurance? Are Psych. only happy with how much they make or are they selfish like everyone else? People are lame, what I thought to believe as the utilmate is wrong. I am 33, 4 wonderful kids, husband, am ready to be done with it all. I will, and will suceed. Please help me..

Dear "Dee" --
Your words sound like "classic" depression -- that's how so many of the people whom I've seen have sounded, at one time or another.  I have a patient in the hospital now who sounds exactly like that, exactly.  So, yes, this is not accurate or useful thinking (notice the spin change there, aka "reframe" in psychojargon) you are thinking.  Whoever is the mental health type in charge of your care needs to know about this thinking.  Sometimes there's nothing in particular to do about it, because changing it for some folks can a take a long time (this is the "personality disorder" version of landing where you are).   If you have had long periods of time when things weren't like this, then you may have the bipolar or "major depression" version, in which case there are things to do that can change how you feel more quickly.  In either case, you should be under the care of a mental health system or provider and she/he/it should know that you are thinking like this.  And if you haven't read the lovely essay about suicide from Metanoia, do so now. 

Dr. Phelps

Published December, 2000

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