Short Stories about Meds and Weight


In your research for bipolar people and wt. loss, I have an interesting story.  I was allowed to take a new medication, Topamax.  It helped my mood stablize at first.
I also lost 52 lbs. while taking Topamax.  However, the mood stabilization was short lived and after only 9 months on the drug, I crashed and even became suicidal.  As soon as my Dr. put me back on the Depakote, the pounds were back with a venegance.  

Now I am on Neurontin, and desperately trying to eat right and lose weight sensibly. I found your article on wt. loss and bipolar people very helpful.

- submitted by Carol R

thanks Carol !  ~Colleen

I am 22..... I was diagnosed at the young age of 16. I was then a “crazy” child. Always doing things first and loving everyone. Then I started taking lithium and Prozac and the weight started coming. I started out at 113 and the highest I ever got was 180. It is just insane. The drs and I have tried 11 diff drugs since then. I am down to about 145 now and hopefully one day we will find one that will work.




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