Tips to Help Along the "Weigh"!


Great Tips to help you on your weigh to fitness ~

Scales are great on fish but hard on humans. Weigh yourself only occasionally to avoid being hung up on minor weight changes. 

Weigh yourself at the same time of day each time...weight levels fluctuate during the day. 

Lose weight the way you gained it - slowly. After all, you're in this for life. Make your goal of a healthy weight a long-term commitment - not a one day wonder! 

Think positively! Believe in yourself and your ability to achieve a healthy weight! 

Stress can knock the most committed individual off track, so don't let it derail your goal of achieving a healthy weight. Find healthy ways to deal with stress. Physical activity, listening to music and meditation might help. 

Don't expect to be faultless. If you occasionally put on a few pounds it is perfectly normal. The trick is to recover quickly and get back on track. 

If your weight is 10-15 percent above what it should be do not start a diet merely to abandon it. It is more important to maintain a well balanced diet than it is to lose a few pounds. 

Beware of the "yo-yo" effect...the losing of pounds then regaining them quickly plus more. This forces your body to constantly readjust your metabolism. "Yo-yo ing" also causes self esteem to plummet when diet attempts fail. 

Begin controlling your food intake at the supermarket. Don't buy what you shouldn't eat; that's the easiest way to avoid temptation. 

Keep a pitcher of cold water with lemon juice in the refrigerator for a handy refreshing drink. is essential to drink plenty of water. 

Enjoy a wide variety of fruits and vegetables daily! 

Carbohydrates like bread, potatoes and pasta have long been maligned by dieters as being "fattening" In truth they are not, and are an important part of any diet...but watch the butter..sauces..cream cheeses etc. 

Choose to eat foods high in fibre...whole grains are best...but fruits and vegetables are also excellent sources. 

Tackle your bad habits one at a time - wait till you have the first one licked before moving on to another. 

Learn to eat light. Savour smaller portions of foods and say no to seconds. 

Give up impulse eating. Get yourself into a regular pattern of meals and snacks. 

Keep a "FOOD/FEELINGS" Diary...learn to recognize exactly what you are putting into your mouth and the situations that are triggers for you to overeat. 

Can't stop yourself from buying potato chips, corn chips, candy or whatever? At least buy them in small individual packages. That way you'll have built-in portion control. 

S smart way to lose - recognize and control the fat in your diet. By cutting back on fat you automatically consume fewer Calories. 

Give yourself time to adjust to a new pattern of healthy eating and regular physical activity. It is the most successful way to get to and stay at a healthy weight. 

Oour body uses about 80 calories per hour "at rest". Any activity increases the number of Calories you need. Soooo....the more active you are, the more you can eat...without gaining weight! 

Compare your body to a checking account. Start with a given amount of money in the bank (fat on your body). Making a deposit is like eating: you add to the amount on hand. Writing a cheque is like exercising: you take from the amount on hand. If your deposits equal your withdrawals your balance stays the same! 

Make sure your diet comes as close as possible to your personal tastes and habits in eating 

Your diet should protect you from between-meal hunger, give you a sense of well-being and not make you feel tired. 

Be sure that your diet provides all the nutrition your body needs except Calories. 

A well planned diet allows you to eat at home, or away from home without feeling like a freak everyone is staring at. 

Misery loves company! Motivation, diet and willpower may not be enough. Groups like Weight Watchers, TOPS and Overeaters Anonymous may offer the support you need to succeed. 


The future belongs to you! Its up to you to lost the fat and weight you are concerned about. No one else can do it for you. 

Work toward forever one day at a meal at a hour at a time. Wake in the morning happy to be alive! 

NO THANKS, are the sweetest thinnest words you can ever utter!! 

A push away from the table is one of the best exercises you can perform. 

Memorize and use the creed of Overeaters Anonymous...


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change those things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference



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