Exercise - The Great Variable







Cringe When You Hear The Word Exercise?? 
Wait Until You Hear What I Have To Say.

People who are physically fit and engage in regular exercise throughout their lives have greatly reduced risks of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, sudden death and cancer. Exercise also plays a role in the prevention of cancer.

Throughout history human beings have been physically active creatures and have had to work hard to maintain even a precarious existence. In recent years the majority of people in the Western world have become sedentary.

The benefit of exercise accrues throughout life and will bring immediate results as long as you keep at it. Unlike money in the bank where a deposit compounds interest automatically, you must keep investing exercise time to maintain the benefits.

The type of exercise recommended for weight loss and maintenance is aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise increases the body's need for oxygen because large groups of muscles are used and demand more oxygen. The heart must beat faster to furnish this oxygen...the heart's muscle tone and pumping action are improved and metabolism speeds up.

Aerobic exercise does not necessarily mean joining a gym and taking part in aerobics classes. The most beneficial forms of aerobic exercise are those in which the arms and legs are in constant motion with minimal resistance, such as running, cross country skiing, swimming, walking, cycling and dancing.

If you make exercise a part of your daily routine it will soon become an enjoyable part of your life and leave you with the sense of well-being necessary for a vigorous and energetic life.

Exercise speeds up metabolism. When done regularly the benefits of exercise will last long after it is finished. The extra oxygen in the blood stream lasts as well providing extra oxygen to the brain.

Regular exercise increases self esteem and reduces stress! There are many excellent aerobic books and videos available. Browse to find something you like to do!

My exercise of choice I think is the simplest...most enjoyable and very effective one...walking!!!


There isn't much in this world that is free, but walking is one of them!

With the exception of a good pair of walking shoes walking requires no skills, memberships, or special clothing. It can be done anywhere, anytime...and is one of the best ways to lose unwanted pounds or maintain body weight.

Walking is a cardiovascular aerobic exercise that uses every major muscle group in the body.

Unless its pouring rain, a raging blizzard, above 95F (35C) or below20F(-7C) you can and should walk. 

Dress appropriately and enjoy the change of seasons.

Plan a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down before and after your walk.  You'll be amazed at how much better a simple daily walk will make you feel.


To maintain weight a 20-30 walk three times a week is sufficient. To lose weight 30-40 minutes a day 5 days a week or more often will keep your metabolism working well and the pounds coming off.


Wear good walking shoes. They are essential.

Start off slowly building up distance and time as you are able.

Get extra walking benefits by always parking at the far end of a parking lot.

Take a portable tape player with you and listen to your favorite music while you walk!

Buy an inexpensive pedometer. Measure and record your mileage.

Walk in public, well lit places.

If you can't "find time"..."make it" ...."Steal it" from other activities!

Covered shopping malls are great for indoor walking in inclement weather.

When you have a nearby errand try walking instead of taking the car

Don't use elevators! Where there are elevators there are also stairs. Find them and use them!

Above all:  Enjoy!


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