SSDI & SSI Requirements for Bipolar Disorder- by Barbara Bergman
A disability means you have a physical or mental problem that is expected to last at least one year or result in death.
Children, as well as adults, can get benefits because of disability.
SSD- (social security disability) is based on your work history and the amount you have paid into your fund.
SSI- (social security income) is a set amount, taken from general revenue for those who have not worked. Requirements are stricter.
- you must live in the US or Northern Mariana Islands and be a US citizen or national. ( certain non-citizens also may be eligible for SSI).
- things you own and your income must be below certain amounts.
- the amount you get depends on where you live.
You could receive more if you live in a state that adds too SSI check.
You could receive less if your family has other money coming in each month.
Your living arrangements also make a difference in weather you can get SSI and the amount you get.
- it must be decided that you cannot do the work you did before and Social Security Administration decide that you cannot adjust to other work because of medical conditions.
- all information gathered is checked out by a separate agency hired by Social Security Administration.
may apply online at:
apply by phone:
also can find your local social security office online

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