DuDiag Poetry
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Last time was the last time, 
or so that's what I thought. 
But now it seems I was wrong, 
no lesson has been taught. 

I'm lying here in bed, 
heart beating faster than ever. 
And to think before the first time 
you asked and I said "never". 

All it took was once 
and my life began to shatter. 
I'm slowly killing myself, 
but it doesn't seem to matter. 

Lost in fluffy white powder, 
I've given up on all my dreams. 
Trying to escape the pain, 
but no one hears my screams. 

My pulse becomes sporadic. 
I'm slowly loosing my mind. 
Maybe I should do some more, 
so I can leave this world behind. 

You say don't give up, 
I can kick it if I try. 
But you don't really understand, 
so I will just have to lie. 

 - by Sharon (Gig)

Watching Him Play 

With one mighty push 
he's in hyper-drive, 
beyond the realm 
in adventures 
I'd long forgotten. 
Around the corner 
he's a speeding train, 
sidewalk bumps 
make a clickity-clack 
as he outruns bandits. 

He pulls up hard 
leaves the ground, 
only an inch or two, 
but in his mind 
he jumped a wall 
escaping those bad guys. 

I sit and watch 
for hours 
a boy and his scooter, 
wondering if 
they make one 
my size.

by Sharon (Gig) 


Take heed my green souled little foe,

In whom the gift of trust resounds,

Of those with trust you may empower,

For thieves of souls they do abound.

For good is not a state of being,

But a constant conscious choice,

And charm a character does not define,

For darkest songs are sung by sweetest voice.

No cunning thief you can not claim all,

For only the strong thy soul shall own.

I will not dwell in your damnation,

If home is hell, dwell there alone.

And so my dear by actions judge men,

For safety in words will not be found.

And good intentions can't protect you,

For thieves of souls they know no bounds.

Sharon (Gig)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

War Torn

Somber clouds gasping across a slate sky,
Rain falling steady and slow,
Thirty years fled in the blink of an eye,
Different impasse same woe.

Silent horror in the presence of war,
Numb and helpless before it,
Leaders glibly approve all I abhor,
While young people die for it.

As a woman Iíve labored to give life,
Been blessed in saving one,
Now I pray for a quick end to this strife,
Stop wasting daughters and sons.

Iíll cheer young warriors until battles cease,
Although my heart condemns war,
Someday weíll chose leaders devoted to peace,
Instead of lies we deplore.



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