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T. Lee Heart

Bipolar World Columnist



As for me, I was diagnosed in '96 but surely bipolar longer (now there's something unique, huh?).  Hospitalized once, that was enough, hopefully.  Nothing like someone walking up to you on the psych floor and saying, "Hi!"  ...and you just stand there looking blank only to have them say, "you probably don't remember me, I've gained a lot of weight"... and you think back to the deepest recesses of you mind only to realize this rather rotund woman is someone you stood at the bus stop with in grade school.  I mean is nothing sacred?  The psych floor, not the bus stop....
That was in '97 and it was  defining.  That I would be so mortified that someone I knew saw me there--and that that "someone" , lets face it, was not there for the food.  I spent alot of time sorting out my feelings on stigma and decided that the best way for me to deal with it was to be very open.  So I write.  As a result I have become very unashamed of all of my sparkling thoughts.  Some things deal directly with stigma but most do not.  In the end they probably all deal with stigma because they humanize me.
  I always try and write with humor.  If not a laugh-out-loud-spit-pepsi-on-your-monitor type humor, than at least a poignant-i-know-how-you-feel-humor...  it brings people together.  The only humor I tend to avoid it the  titter-behind-a-gloved-hand-humor.  makes me want to gag.


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