The Nothing Feeling


          It's difficult for most people to understand the nothing feeling, because the idea of being in a tumultuous emotional whirlwind and at the same time feeling nothing sounds rather ridiculous.

          In fact, it's a relatively simple concept to explain.

          Imagine you're in a blizzard, blinded by sleet, tossed and thrown by the snowflakes who seem to be enjoying the thirty below temperature. Now, imagine you've forgotten your hat and mittens, and maybe even boots.  There you are, stocking feet, in insanely cold weather.  At first, the cold startles you, sending clattering shivers throughout your body, creating an uncomfortably painful pins-and-needles sensation on your skin.  Assuming you endure this for sometime - what happens?  Eventually, you become immune to the pain from the cold. 

          The nothing feeling results from something like an internal blizzard; blinding thoughts are violent snowflakes encasing your mind and pounding off the walls of your head like chunks of ice on a windshield.  This impairs any logical concentration, making you nervous and jumpy, so that you're constantly shaking - shivering - trying to keep warm.

          The worst part of the nothing feeling is that you don't understand it, can't name the stormy thoughts, or explain them - it's just mind-jumble.  When too much of this becomes painfully loud, as it usually does, you enter a state of emotional numbness, just as your fingers become numb when they are cold.  The brain freezes over as if it has suddenly stopped, leaving you in a world of blankness - blind, deaf, and mute.  You feel absolutely nothing, not pain, nor anger, or even sadness. Nothing.  It's the most horrifically irritating, painfully frightening feeling one can experience, and sometimes, it's the best feeling in the world.


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