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Prejudiced People Hire Prejudiced People

To Solve Consumersí Prejudice Problem


To fight the prejudice that we consumers face, the US government has formed a committee called the Elimination of Barriers Initiative (EBI), made up of people who donít face the stigma, either (probably) because they are not consumers or (unlikely) because they are not telling anyone that they are. The EBI team is writing original material to solve our prejudice problem for us. Should people who donít face the stigma be paid good money to write anti-stigma materials while creative, competent consumers struggle to get by? Can they do the job well? For more information, see The Whole Story. Please send an email to Mr. Bush and ask him to honor our right to actively participate in the solution to our own prejudice problem. See The Whole Story for the presidentís email address.


This column is intended solely to educate and is not a substitute for personal diagnosis or treatment. Many of the questions consumers ask Dr. Bradt can only be adequately answered in person and by certified health professionals. If you have a difficult problem, please seek advice from your own doctor or mental-health professional. If you have to choose between taking your own therapist's advice and Dr. Bradt's advice, go with your own therapist.

Dr. Bradt will be contributing one timely article per month about Bipolar Disorder and will answer consumer's questions based on those articles.  Questions will be edited for space and clarity. It can take up to three weeks for responses to be posted on Bipolar World.  Although Dr. Bradt will do her best,   some questions sent to her may not be answered due to volume, similarity,  and space constraints. 

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