May, 2006
Mimi (Mila)
Chat Operator

Bipolar World congratulates Mimi, our Volunteer of the month for the month of May, 2006.  Mimi shares her talents as a chat operator in Bipolar World's Support Chat Room and is a frequent contributor at the bipolar forums.  Bipolarworld also recognizes and thanks Mimi for her financial contribution to the site.

When we asked Mimi to send us a short bio about herself she sent a lovely response.  Here are her words.

"I was diagnosed with manic depression (bipolar1 these days) in 1976.  I was hospitalized for the first time back then in a County Hospital - ugh and was injected with Haldol to bring me down.  Lithium was the only mood equalizer back then too, so that's the only med I took.
Since then, I have been hospitalized more times than I can remember anymore.  I have maintained a full-time job through my illness and have worked at my company for 31 years already.  Presently, I have applied for disability, as the work is getting way too stressful for me and I simply cannot keep up with the new technology anymore.  I am calling it "early retirement" as I'm due to retire in five years anyway.
I came to Bipolarworld in 2000, and have been here ever since.  Even my psychiatrist knows about my involvement in Bipolarworld and how much I love it here.  He totally condones it, and as a matter of fact, has guided some of his patients here too.  I have been a chatroom Op for about three years now, and I just love it.  I have met some of the most awesome people in the chat room.
I have a 26 year old daughter that is studying psychology and is going for her Master's degree in psychology, specializing in eating disorders.  I have been married and divorced twice, both times about 10 years.  My daughter does not have bipolar illness and she is my only child, my dear heart.
I am also active on the forums board.  This is my only support group, between the chat room and the forums, and it is such a healthy outlet." for me.


And we especially want to thank Mimi for sharing with us and for being with us.  As a support person she gives much, and like all of us she has learned that by doing so it helps her.  What an amazing thing that is.


Thanks for being with us Mimi - you are a great person.  Lots of hugs ...



Special Thanks from Collie
Founder and Partner
Allie, Partner, Chat Supervisor




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