I am the mother of 2 boys, who are the loves of my life.  I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder since 1997.   Some time ago (can't remember exactly when it was), I was honored when asked to be a moderator on the Bipolarworld forums.  My interests include, reading, spending time with my sons, and gardening.

I would like to say that I am very grateful to the founder of BPW for having created such a wonderful web site.

Thanks Destiny!





HI.....I'm Judy, and have been diagnosed Bipolar for over 25 years now. I 
am 51 years old and live in NJ. I am a retired music teacher and pianist. I 
have 2 sons, Mike and Greg, a golden retriever named Rusty, a chocolate lab 
named Choco and a grey tabby with white paws we call Madden.

Bipolarworld has been a big part of my life for the past 4 years or so.  
The chatters, the forums, the links, have all been so helpful to me in 
continuing to cope with my bp.  I have recently become an email moderator, 
and enjoy guiding others to the right information, and to the support of others.

Thanks Judy!







Leanne's son Thomas has Bipolar Disorder.
Leanne heads up our entire section for parents of Bipolar
Children, monitors that Bulletin Board and is the Bipolar
Parents Chat room operator.  Phew!  Quite a task!  In addition
you'll often see Leanne participating in nightly chats and on the
email list as well!  If you have a child with Bipolar Disorder stop
by to see Leanne...she's been through it all and understands.

Thanks Leanne!




I was diagnosed with manic depression in 1976.  That was my longest hospitalization, six months.  Since then, I have been hospitalized so many times that I've lost count, the last time being in 2005.  It's been a long and interesting road for me.  Through it all, I've maintained a job with the railroad for 31 years, and was lucky to have a good employer and a good union job.  In 2006, the stress of my job got the best of me and I applied for disability.  It didn't take me long (one month) and because I had excellent documentation and support from my psychiatrist, was granted disability.

I am now taking it easy, doing some volunteer work on the outside and volunteering at Bipolar World as much as possible.  My current diagnosis is BP1 - I have the propensity to manic episodes.  My current med cocktail is Seroquel 200 mgs., Lamictal 200 mgs., Navane 5 mgs. and Ativan PRN.  This seems to be working great for me and I haven't had a manic episode since 2006.  Sleep is also vital to my good mental health.  All of my good friends know I have bipolar, and some of my co-workers did too.  I am not ashamed of my illness.  I have belonged to groups like DBSA and NAMI and find them to be extremely helpful too.




I've been coming to bpw since 2006.  I was diagnosed bipolar 2 in 2006, but have been in treatment since 2000.  Like alot of the other members I'm also dx'ed borderline personality disorder.  I'm mom to two beautiful kids, one is also bipolar, but were all doing well :)

I'm a moderator on the bipolar world forums and I love it there.  Don't get into chat much, seems forums are more my style.  Thanks for having me everybody :)

Thanks Pond!



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